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My mind is going mad.
I want just blow my head.
For what am I to feel
This awful things so real?
It makes me so insane.
Do I enjoy my pain?
I want to chill my mind
And maybe to be blind,
To throw my heart away,
To feel no pain again.

I’m just a kid - It’s shame –
Not man. Who takes the blame?
Just child not having yet
The things he wants to get.
In childhood I received
Less love then what I need,
Less tenderness. So clear
That now I need to hear
How longed-for I am,
To feel beloved… but damn!

Is anybody there
To give me so much care?
To make me feel I’m needed,
And make me to believe it.
…embrace and kiss me slowly,
to make no feel I’m lonely,
To give me tender love?
It should be so enough.

But while my heart is beating
And pain in chest is heating,
I feel I’m not so needed.
Expects are not exceeded.


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